so totally sick and


Ron van der Ende: thanks for blowing my mind

You must MUST check out this dude’s work.

Ron van der Ende

It’s so sick I can’t even talk about it. I’ll never do it justice.

van der ende plymouth custom suburban sculpture


The ol’ So Totally Sick and RAD theme was beginning to feel a lil bit tired, played. I needed to update some backend stuff here anyway and when I did I realized I’d have to do a crap load of work to bring the old theme up to date, or I could just design a newer more better lookage and feelage.  So I’m in the process of tearing down and remodeling the STSR site.  Thanks to Derek Punsalan from for the sleek Grid Focus theme which will serve as my new ground zero. I plan to hack the shit out of it to make it my own (sorry Derek), so expect the place to look a little bit erm…in flux over the next couple days as I tweak and twiddle trying to get things put in their place.


Shellhouse – portable cardboard shelter presents a simple shelter one can fabricate using a large piece of cardboard and a pen. Great design is functional, socially responsible, and aesthetically resonant. The beauty results from the perfect fusion of concept and function to create form, rather than setting out to be beautiful. The simple use of origami folds to create a shelter is a wonderful solution.




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