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The Elephant in the Room

Language is a wonderful, fluid, organic medium that adheres to a structured logic of assembled units of meaning. Like design or architecture, the underlying structure follows laws of organization, geometry, temporality, and so on, yet the most exceptional writers, like the most impressive designer builders, have the facility and gumption to push, bend and break those rules intentionally in order to create something unexpectedly wonderful, visual, harmonic, or even discordant.

I love how sensual our brains’ connection to and interpretation of language is. Language is a symbology that stimulates visual, oral, aural, olfactory, even somatosensory systemic responses. Physical response through the interpretation of a symbol of meaning. Words trigger memory, associations, imaginations.

I often struggle with my place and meaning in the universe. What do I contribute? What value do I add, and what is my cost to the universal balance? Words are ideas. Ideas don’t consume physical resources, they don’t add physical waste. In today’s hip vernacular, words are carbon neutral, yet they have the power to build and destroy civilizations.elephant

The Elephant in the Room

is a wonderful idiom and it induces that sensory response I relish. Big. Smelly. Feel the texture of its skin, the warmth of it. It’s trying to hide itself in the corner right up against your book shelf, behind your cherished mid-century modern lounge.

I have more than one elephant in my house, and it’s getting pretty damn crowded in here.



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