so totally sick and


It’s the same in every sport…


TEAM USA – My Friend is a Pro (Album Version) from Mike Thomas on Vimeo.

Some ski buddies sent this to me, but it’s the same in climbing, snowboarding, whatever….

Empathy from OpenProcessing

go ahead and tickle it…




chunky chuck

Not new but always rad…

Ken Block Gymkhana Practice from Ken_Block on Vimeo.

new threads

Mrs Claus decked me out this year with some dope new stuff.  Some highlights include:

Purplicious hoody from RockSmithTokyo

Rock Smith Tokyo Hoody

A Crooks and Castles Sweater

crooks & castles cardigan

…I got Cerre this chair:

But best gift of all this year had to be some stories from the best story teller I know.  

Big Ups to Keith Olbermann

zoedane furniture

my friend chris designs and builds the sickest furniture. it’s only fitting since he is of danish descent. custom basinette

This is a basinette chris designed and built for his daughter Zoe. I love this piece and would love to own it just so I could stare at it every day.

a book?

most nights when I lay awake twitching, staring at the fuzznoize that eyes see in the dark, i ponder the many books i am too scared to start writing. well, not many. a few. many of my favorite authors often throw in little allusions here and there about writing books within their books….how writing books isn’t hard…the hard part is just doing it.


maybe i should change the theme of this blog to procrastinationnation

a children’s book

a book about life injured

a fantasy book

a book about a frog

a get fit and strong book

these are all dumb books….maybe it’s best the compulsion never gets me out of bed.


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